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Balloon-Kyphoplasty is an established minimally invasive procedure for the effective treatment of patients with painful vertebral compression fractures.
As a catheter specialist Joline is an experienced supplier of a wide range of Kyphoplasty products. All Joline products are exclusively developed and produced in Germany. An experienced Joline-team from R&D, production and consultants are of support. Advanced production technology and medical expertise ensure production consistency and reliability and guarantee exceptional medical product quality in compliance with Germanys high standards.

Our balloons

Unique balloon designs for treating vertebral fractures - our competence in the balloon catheter technology.

Our Instruments

Our extensive selection of individual instruments based on high quality and user friendliness.

Our Kits

It is all about the right combination! The users convenience of having the most suitable kit for every kyphoplasty treatment.

Our Cases

Under construction. Information about Stop'n GO cases coming soon.